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Music consumption

Streets at night

9/11 memorabilia

The Twins, Bayse & the 90s

Bayse – Asyoudo

Another diamond in the ruff
Produced, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Bayse
2011 @ Heavylistening Studios Kreuzberg, Berlin

Additional Rhodes by Anselm Nehls
Animation by Flo Wolf for Schäferwolf
Contains a sample from Mark Hollis – “A Life”

Floyd NYC

Got heavily into the animated.gif game lately. I capture screenshots from every movie and stuff i see, and create these little flickering web art pieces. This one is made out of a Pink Floyd documentary i saw the other night.

Mr Bayse
Live in Sofia

A Live Funk / Rap Show recorded Live at Jam On It – Urban Culture Festival, 08 October 2011 – Sofia, Bulgaria. Powered by Jam On It Crew & Goethe-Institut Sofia

Go and get the 10 Track Live Album →


Swag. Animated .gif, made out of 5 screenshots. 2012

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